What Is Our Projects?

What is our projects?

Yaşasın Okulumuz

201 village schools in the project which do not have adequate infrastructure and  modern conditions were repaired. This is a sample project that exhibits a cooperation of public-government-media-nongovernmental organizations. We reached 17.500 children.

Bir Şey Değişir, Her Şey Değişir

There are many students in Anatolia who want to go to the school but cannot do that because of financial or other reasons. We took the journey to reach these students. Our aim is to reach the students who are in need and make them look to the future with hope.


To raise a psychologically and physically healthy generations.  To enable them to continue their  education after they finish boarding school. By this project, we aim to make rural area people aware of the concepts like ‘child-sports-arts’.

İlk Yardıma İlk Adım

We educated boarding school students on first aid as well. With this project,we visited 194 schools in 75 cities and reached 35.457 students. (Seminar by instructors - TOÇEV kids theatre/ ‘First Aid ın My Bag’ play - Distribution of booklets)

Parlak Gülüşler Parlak Gelecekler

Oral and dental health seminar is given to 2 million primary school students.


Teachers who live in rural areas carry on their jobs in hard conditions due to ecological factors, inadequate service and ecomomical problems. Via ‘Evimdeyim’ project, we repaired  29 teachers  lodgings.

Yarının İzleri 

By this project, we make them aware of “ecological footprint” with the helps of interactive educations in schools, documentaries and theatres. To arrange these activities, we prepared an internet site to enable them to communicate with each other. We distribute instrucyional booklets to the children who are directed to the internet site. By this project, we reached 28.978 students.

Paylaşmayı Seven Parmak Kaldırsın

‘Paylaşmayı Seven Parmak Kaldırsın’  project aims to scatter the story books to the children who do not have an oppurtunity  to possess them by primary school children who have these story books and want to share them.

Mission of the ‘Paylaşmayı Seven Parmak Kaldırsın’  project to remind social values, to improve reading habit and forming sharing consciousness…

Books have been sent to 764.717 primary school children in this project.

İyi Beslenmek İyi Gelecek

It is really important to care children nourishment in a place like Turkey where millions of children take unbalanced diet. By the agency of  “Sana” and ” TOÇEV” with ‘İyi Beslenmek İyi Gelecek’ project, we both aim to provide them with balanced diet and make them conscious about how breakfast is important. We not only send them foof packages but also we make them awere of balanced diet.


With the drama, that is prepared by TOÇEV child and tenegeeer theatre,“Bir Dokunuş Yeter”  we give information to the children about hygiene. We distribute booklets which are prepared by education minister to the children at the end of our education program. In our new project, in 3 cities to  2350 students, we told hygiene by drama.


In this project,  in the 50 schools who need help, we form libraries which contain books  that we spacially selected and computers with their desks.

Enerjimiz Çocuklar İçin

In the project we started in 2012 called “Enerjimiz Çocuklar İçin”, we educate the primary school students about the correct use of energy.


In order for the youth to overcome puberty in the best possible and healthy way, we work together with adolescents, their parents and teachers, in the project we started in 2013 called “Benergenim”.


In order to help them express themselves more easily, we planned on educating the kids in Arnavutköy Şehit Güral YBO school, who spend most of their time in school and are less advantageous compared to other kids, about physical, emotional, social and sexualdevelopment. Especially concerning adolescents, this project, along  with the expert psychologist Vesile Çetin, is going to be applied to all the kids in the school. Through this project we aim to decrease communication, coordination, behaviour problems seen among the kids and increase their awarenesses of themselves.


The project we started,  called “Özgürlüğüm”, is supported by Sivil Toplum Diyaloğu III Siyasi Kriterler Hibe Fonu. This project aims to provide kids who live with their moms in prisons, with baby food, diapers, toys and playgrounds. Also, our main goal is to decrease the negativity in the kids’ lives.

Kahvaltılı Sabahlar Sağlıklı Yarınlar

In the project we plan on starting, called “Kahvaltılı Sabahlar Sağlıklı Yarınlar”, we provide kids with messages on the importance of consuming nutrition based products for a healthy breakfast that promotes healthy growth and a fun animation film about this topic.

Benim Mahallem 

We are educating students and their family with aim of having better life in school and social life with support of Akçansa company. 

Parmaklıklar Ardında Bir Sanat Terapisi Deneyimi

With this project ,our aim is to support children who had a part in crimes, between age of 12-18 years old to have self confidence,to have better communication ways, to solve the problems with their ownselves. We use Sanat terapisi methods with 40 children for 20 weeks at Maltepe Çocuk ve Gençlik Kapalı Ceza İnfaz Kurumu.


The project  is supported by Sivil Toplum Diyaloğu III Siyasi Kriterler Hibe Fonu. This project aims to provide kids between ages of 0-6 years who live with their moms in prisons, with baby food, diapers, toys and playgrounds. Also, our main goal is to decrease the negativity in the kids’ lives.